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Need a HENNA ARTIST for your next party? Call Sara 805.455.6269.

B I R T H D A Y . B A C H E L O R E T T E . B A T M I T Z V A H . S H O W E R . W E D D I N G . S P E C I A L E V E









100% natural henna goes on like paint to the skin...

...hardens like dried mud, and eventually flakes off...



you are left with a gorgeous rust brown color that stains for 1-3 weeks. baby oil, olive oil, body oil all
help the stain last even longer.

leaving the paste on the skin for as long as possible ensures a dark the very least an hour. in india they leave it on for 12 hours, for the ultimate stain.


~Henna by Sara has all sorts of designs, floral, tribal, hip, funny, silly, themes, eras, you name it~

our henna is 100& safe for pregnant mothers
and children.


Henna by Sara / Private Parties & Events
Serving Santa Barbara & Los Angeles Counties

i love when people give me the artistic license to draw whatever i want. give me a theme and i'll run with it



Parties/Events $100.00/hourly
Outside SB Travel Fee: $50.00
Cancellation Fee: $50.00

1. Professional and talented Henna Artist at your party to make a creative impression.

2. Beautiful designs to choose from, many books and photos are provided for your guests.

3. Nice dark stains, 100% natural henna paste, lasts 1-3 weeks on the skin.

4. DESIGNS!!! Traditional Mehndi designs are available, or we also have fun, cool, hip designs literally for all ages.
"If you can dream it, we can draw it!"

5. Care sheets are provided to ensure the henna tattoo lasts as long as possible.

6. THEME PARTIES!!! You let us know the theme and we'll show up in costume, prepped with designs within that theme as well. For example for a 70's party, we have 70's designs!

"If you can dream it, we can draw it!"